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Servpro is a franchisor of fire and water cleanup and restoration franchises in the United States and Canada. The franchise system provides localized services as well as large scale disaster recovery. It is headquartered in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Shelly a disappointed customer shares her dreadful experience on, "I called the local SERVPRO office several times to discuss a few things. I was told by Mike they would complete my flood damage in 5 days and charge me 2300. They had to remove trim but the carpet would be saved. All my trim was disposed of without my knowledge. Also, they rolled up the carpet improperly and I had to rent a carpet stretcher to fix this. I was also overcharged 1000. It took over 2 weeks to finish my job. Why I was never told. I also complained to the President. No answer. Finally filed a complaint with my Attorney General. Hopefully, I will get reimbursed."


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Former Employee - Technician says

"Expect to work a lot of overtime"

Former Employee - Senior Estimator says

"Unfair labor practices. Prejudice against AfricanAmerican races. Hires illegal aliens for cheaper labor. Favoritism among certain employees from the owner."

Former Employee - Restoration Technician says

"The owner's are very degrading."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay and its hourly No benefits No vacation time - you have to wait two years and you only get 80hours. They don't offer longevity incentives. Meaning the longer you are with the company, the more vacation time you ear. No sick leave No holidays except the big ones (Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years) This is what you get for working for a franchise."

Former Employee - Fire/Water Tech says

"Managers and owners have condescending and entitled attitudes, treat all employees with absolutely zero respect."

Former Employee - Marketing Representative says

"They hiring manager will lie to you in the interview and tell you what you want to hear until you start there. After you start, everything changes and what she told you in the interview is completely flipped."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lies about everything, “owner” doesn’t care about her techs or the longest tenured tech would be more than 6 months, changes pay plan whenever they feel like it. Her cronies do not care about anything to do with techs, just the almighty profit."

Former Employee - Project Coordinator says

"Male dominated office. I can't speak for all franchises on this matter but I will say the Franchise I worked for has a serious lack of respect for women. Major gap in pay structures. Also most employees, including the women are bottom of the barrel. If you want a classy, educated work environment use this as a good bad example."

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Ownership and some management scream and swear at employees, lack of proper training, extremely high turn over rate"

Current Employee - Crew Leader says

"Low Pay expensive health insurance the owner has poor management skills"

Production Technician (Current Employee) says

"The branch owner and a manager are in a relationship for starters. Arguments all the time. The managers don’t care about personal safety equipment and don’t care about there employees. I was injured on the job and the branch owner chewed me out in front of all the employees. Extremely disrespectful for the tone and word choice he had. One employee left because of it. Not enough pay for the work being done. They say they have benefits but I saw zero. ZeroUnderpayed, zero time off, disregarding"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"I was pregnant and sent into unsafe work conditions.. I was told to "pretend" to work to make the company money . They lied and cheated customers. Management belittled and yelled at employees like they were children . Nothing"

Restoration Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company that periodically weeds out the experienced employees working their way up to hire teenagers with zero experience. Do not work here!!"

Crew Chief (Current Employee) says

"Very underpaid compared to other water restoration jobs. This job includes biohazard cleanup(crime scenes) Covid-19 sanitation. On call 24-7. Would never recommend unless you’re in between jobs or don’t mind doing everything under the sun with no training.Some days are earlyCriminally underpaid"

Accounting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"● OverallIf you are not an owner, manager, or bestie of someone that works there you might as well forget it!!!! BUT if you like to party, shop online and try new wardrobes then this is the place for you.Terrible communications, unpaid for time worked, mouse feces everywhere, stinky dog/s, severe cattiness, lack of procedures, no respect for family issues, very judgemental and extremely bias.No amount of money is worth it!!!Pros: Close to home, not working there anymoreCons: Lack of communication, poor leadership"

TECHNICIAN (Former Employee) says

"Terrible office and production manager. They charge people for equipment that is not being used. They roll out the red carpet for the rich people but over charge low income because its usually an insurance claim. Or worthless landlords.NothingTerrible pay"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Disorganized, low pay, and poor management. If you like drama this is your place. I would advise anyone that wants to move forward in their career choose otherwise.nothingevery aspect of this business"

Commerical Cleaning Supervisor Carpet/Tile Division (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company, treats employees unfairly. Quality of workmanship is the lowest standards I have ever seen in a company. No structure, no guidance and just no quality managersNoneAnything you can think of"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management is rude, don't even speak to you. They give raises to those they are friends with, not those who work hard. They barely train correctly, then yell at you for not doing your job right. No diversity at all. The only people of color work in the field (physical labor), no people of color in the office. Owners and managers are aware of racist posts employees make on social media and back them up. Everyone there is mostly related, dating, or married, so they walk around with their noses in the air, like they are better than everyone there. They are office bullies and will embarrass you in front of everyone, owner will even yell at you. They do not care about personal issues, unless you are white, you can get away with almost anything. A jobOn call sucks"

Crew Cheif (Former Employee) says

"This place is joke and a fraud! There is absolutely zero benefits! While you make the owners rich you’ll get paid absolutely nothing! There has been an amazing amount of neglect at this place for way to long!"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you like the idea of being a wheel and a cog these are your people. Overworked and underpaid then underworked and underpaid. You wont be paid what your worth to deal with the bureaucracy and politics. They dont give two squats. More work in less time with less resources equals more money in their pocket."

Lying (Former Employee) says

"I took off with my 3 kids in the middle of the night, now I just go around lying. I don't have to bring my kids to my husband because im simply just a terrible person in general."

Restoration Technician (Former Employee) says

"The management doesn't care about their employees at all. They don't provide you with the proper equipment to do the jobs, and severely underpay their employees for the work they ask you to do. They had us work corona virus jobs, but didn't tell us that they were corona jobs. They told us not to wear any PPE at all because it was just "precautionary cleaning". Absolutely terrible company, never recommend working for them."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very poor leadership. Very low pay. Very poor and unsanitary environments you work in on a day-to-day basis which is based on the industry. Make sure to learn as much as you can about which specific ServPro you would consider working at as they are all franchised. In addition there is absolutely no work life balance whatsoever. When a major storm hits you can easily work 80+ hours In a week and the company does not care what you have going on in your personal life"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Not a single one of them care about you. management is clueless. No one had a plan. Terrible work place. Every job sight was done wrong. unprofessional"

Production Technician (Former Employee) says

"They treat there employees like dogs and they don’t treat there customers great and and they don’t care if you there on time very day and the they make you work tell Friday and the fire you at the end of the day that some"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"Manager there is terrible with people the owners don’t respect you. Make you come out at all times of night but don’t wanna pay you , they don’t know anything about business and are as dumb as a baby when it comes to running a business and keeping employees"

Contents Technician (Former Employee) says

"Quit today. Manager is arrogant and doesn't give a hoot about anything but that insurance payment. Bad turnover rate. I see why. Hired as an Admin Assistant and 3 weeks later I was in a car accident. They threw me out to be in contents on crutches and a boot. They only pay you $12 which is $5 under the industry pay grade. This location is under current investigation for insurance fraud. Don't do it. Ain't worth it."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poorly managed Responsibly was thrown at people to learn No advancement or training to better oneself No raises, withheld pto time Lost time and events with families Very hostile environment to work in"

Water Technician (Former Employee) says

"Most unprofessional staff that I have ever seen nothing but a big love triangle nothing but a pecking order when you work for this company don’t even waste your time"

slr says

"Servepro over charges we all know that. They also spend alot of time coming in and out of your home with attitude."

Aarav Patel says

"Just say no to Servpro. They submitted fraudulent estimates to our insurance company. They engaged in collusion and price fixing with another contractor. They demanded we sign their one-sided contract -- take it or leave it. They gave us nothing but double talk. They are nothing but grifters."

Josh Williams says

"I had a tragedy house fire electric had caused and it destroyed my intire home I have 4 kids and me and my wife was working 7 days a week to get buy and serv pro of Washington county Tennessee is called in by state farm insurance companies and first thang that come out the owner mouth is I'm a Christian man and I beleave in god ya I should have said get of my property I new he was a bad company to have there on my property he said I'm the owner of serv pro of Washington county Tennessee this house is destroyed and it's not fixable I said well I've had 17 other companies out here my self and they said not fixable so he ready to leave he says I'll let state farm know there no way of getting all this back under code it goes on about two weeks later I get a packet from statefarm saying serv pro says it can be repaired I said let me look at this real close so I called serv pro of Washington county Tennessee and ask him why u change your mind I thought u said it was destroyed there no getting it back under code he says I didn't tell u that I let in to him he useing the good lord above to rip our hard working people off for there homes and for there money and lied like he was really going get away with it I said ok since u can fix it and get it back under code for 56600 go ahead and put me on your schedule he said sir we just dont have the time for that big of a job he said to me so I new he was ling so I even let him know I had recorded our intire conversation why he was at my home he still said I didn't it shows he can't be trusted and if anyone has had statefarm insurance bring serv pro of Washington county Tennessee to there homes to Wright up and estimate dont trust them please dont be the next victim this man u can't trust him because statefarm pays him alot of money to tipe up and estimate his true colors came out real quick thin I never here anything else till two and a half months later I received another estimate from serv pro of Washington county Tennessee for 92,000 some odd dollars and I went what the heck is going on here insurance state farm says o he redid your estimate I said really I called corporate office of state farm they started looking in my fall and they told me that serv pro had been paid for tipping estimate up for repairs I said what estimate are free through serv pro post to be free unless he going to lie for the adjuster and there all going be put on the stand and when he lies on stand there going to lock him up for pergree I recorded everything so I can show how they have done me on mine and my kids home I've got court data pending I just found a lawyer last week and this estimate that I got neather 5ime was correct they put pine siding 144 sq feet on the house when I have cedar siding this just shows the house is totaled I've received another 13 more company saying it is totaled on top of it I have in hand and I'm hoping and praying he lies on the stand so he gets arrested I ask courts for subpoena for owner of serv pro of Washington county Tennessee and they should be here any day I'm not accepting anything from them I'm asking for a hearing and I'm taking it to trial hearing and I'm going make them pay out every dollar i can I was looking on line and state farm was said out of United states supreme court couple years ago for millions of dollars and they called trial of and agreed to pay for doing this same thang to customers and it was racketeering charges state farm paid out 100 of millions of dollars over not even a year ago if anyone has accepted any estimate from serv pro on behalf of state farm please get a law suit falled and start getting estimate from other companies even if works already done they are not to be trusted another thang is the state farm adjuster new I've been in remodeling business over 25 years and I have a 5 star rating to my business but I want lie to my customers for the insurance company but how did they retipe the estimate and come up with all this extra money when they never even came back to my home there not going make it very long in business being this way if u got estimate from them from insurance company please sue the insurance company and serv pro racketeering in United states supreme court I'll finish up reviews after court case is over I've got a recording I'd like to put up on every place they are to put it up I want everyone to know how crooked serv pro and insurance company really are when I get done with them thell be ready to tell the truth I've also fallen a separate law suit against serv pro I'll let the would see it all once my cases is over I can't stand a man to use my god name to profit his pockets that is serv pro of Washington county Tennessee please dont be the next victim I'm not the only one that's been done like this thou of people has been done wrong if u have had similar problems with them please fall law suit out of United states supreme court they are one location in Greenville Tennessee it's worth the 400 dollar to Dallas it when u need ask for millions in damages my kids has been left homeless for omost 6 months now because of a none trust worthy business that not going be open much longer its fraud when there lieing to still or rip people of for what we deserve he going to ancer for his lies and in serv pro corporate was a good company they wood have fired him and got there company away from the fraud that there all being paid off millions of dollars to lie and to defraud there customers please dont be the next victim CHRIS PETERSON REVIEW very dishonest people to do any child the way they have beat us out of our home can't get no sorry than that pretty please do not trust there alot of thangs that's not mention in this review that I'll be able to ad after court is over I was ask to leave out for now when everyone sees the truth please dont let them do no one else like they have us there no telling how long this has been going on I hope they put this adjuster in prison with owner of serve pro for defrauding our citizens when people choose money over kids or over being truthful it's really said they get away with this for so many years watch these people get the roughest time when they catch up to them it run all over me to know they was using good lord above to line there pockets to line with gold I've never seen such dirty people in my life its took a major toll on me and my family since all this has happened to us and I'm out to make shore no one else is done this way me and my employees are going to protest in front of buildings of serv pro next Monday 10 days from today will be there anyone wants to join us please do will be there from 9 to 5 pro testing everyday till he wants to tell the truth or he shuts the doors up and closes up the buildings for good and I'll have recording on the intire time stop by and listen I'm also putting it all in news papers and new channels till they fix this mess or till the police officers arrest him for fraud they know all about his lies and fraud he has been committing for years now I've got the recording and wate till u here this lieing no good peace of work lie to line his pockets sorry as they come look at there other rating no good at all not one good rating when is the Gov going to pull his contractors license post to done been pulled but some reason still running this mess it should have done been shut down to many bad complaints there all true it's why he know he omost out of business because contractor can not be committed fraud or there licences should be taking I'm calling them again monday morning and till my house is fixed for my kids I'm going be standing there monday through Friday and are not letting him buy with no more of his lieing and frauding people I'm in progress of making a complaint with board of contractor licensing agencies to have him removed and hopefully he will also be charged with fraud because alot of people has been done over by him in our county I've met 16 more customers that has had bad experiences with him also in the last 30 days I'm have subpoena pulled for everyone of them to were we have a major law suit and get this man out of business befor he gets paid of again it will all be posted as its happening set back and watch how dirty money makes a man that claims to be a good person nothing but a lieing no good peace of u know the rest thank everyone for there help and there support if anyone wants to help protest please come to Washington county Tennessee serv pro office 10 days from now thank u all"

maria tobben says

"The workers did nothing but text on their phone I did more in one day than they did in three days then we were charged outrageous amount for them doing nothing and breaking part of our stuff"

Pete says

"Dealt with Servpro in Hampstead NC. This company is a total ripoff. They do unnecessary demolition of peoples homed so that they can maximize their bill and walk away leaving the homeowner in dept usually because their Insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover the repair after they have billed the homeowner for the inflated amount for their drying and demolition.stay away! Choose any one other than Servpro!"

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